2020 - now: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, in charge of the Coordination of the Fight against Fraud

On 1 October 2020, Vincent Van Peteghem takes the oath as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, in charge of the Coordination of the Fight against Fraud. The government got off to a flying start in the middle of the biggest health crisis in years. In addition to this health crisis, our country is also facing an economic and social crisis.

Vincent will help to make the government's ambitious recovery plan a reality. An important task is to work out a comprehensive reform of our federal tax system in order to modernise and simplify it and make it fairer. Continuing the fight against fraud is also a spearhead. It is his ambition to help build a prosperous, sustainable, safe and forward-looking society.

2019 - 2020: Flemish Member of Parliament and spokesman of the '12 Apostles'

In the 2019 elections, Vincent is third on the East Flemish CD&V list for the Flemish Parliament. He is directly elected and specialises mainly in financial and budgetary issues. The East Flemish mobility issues are also high on his agenda.

After the elections of May 2019, Vincent is appointed as the driving force and spokesman of the so-called ‘Twelve Apostles’, an internal working group within the party that had to analyse the results of the 2019 elections.

2018 - now: From member of the opposition to mayor in De Pinte

After a successful local campaign, the CD&V team in De Pinte, with Vincent as its leading candidate, obtains an exceptional result with 41.3% of the votes. With 10 of the 21 seats on the city council, Vincent works on a coalition that same evening. As mayor, he is working on a policy across party boundaries, including with the opposition.

2016 - 2019: As a substitute to the Chamber of Representatives

In the 2014 elections, Vincent is the second substitute on the CD&V list of East Flanders for the Chamber of Representatives. On 10 November 2016, he is sworn in as substitute for Pieter De Crem. There he establishes himself as a well-informed member of the External Relations Committee, the Kazakhgate Inquiry Committee and the Political Renewal Working Group.

2012: First political steps in De Pinte municipal council

Vincent was politically spoon-fed by his father Martin Van Peteghem, mayor of the East-Flemish town of De Pinte for many years. Nevertheless, Vincent chooses to spend a few years behind the scenes within CD&V and to support other candidates in their campaigns. Vincent is long active with young people as regional and provincial youth president and is one of the pioneers of the Innesto 30 group that initiates the Innesto renewal conference in 2013.

In 2012, Vincent takes part in the municipal elections in his home town of De Pinte for the first time with the slogan 'two metres of sheer commitment'. He is directly elected and, as group leader, takes up a seat on the municipal council with a single objective: to turn the local CD&V team into a close-knit team and together, from the opposition, to break down the door to the municipal council.

2003 - 2020: From PhD to Professor

With a master's degree in his pocket, Vincent continues his academic career as a PhD student at Ghent University. In 2010, this leads to a successful PhD that looks at how processes within organisations can be improved or optimised.

After a year as a post-doctoral researcher, Vincent moves to the EDHEC Business School in Lille, where he first becomes Professor of Operations Management in 2012 and later also Director of Educational Innovation. He continues to work as a professor until 2020.

1999 - 2003: President and Master in Management of Government Organisations

Vincent moves as a student to his native city of Ghent to study Applied Economic Sciences at Ghent University. In 2003, he obtains a Master's degree in the Management of Government Organisations after theses on SNCB (the National Railway Company of Belgium) and Belgian party funding. The start of a successful academic career.